HOw We Began

We began as a small writing community in the dense forests of Discord, stumbling past so many roadblocks and people who were inconceivable towards the power that words hold.

Wandering with her young pups, Mother, the creator of this tribe or whatever may you call it, took it upon herself to build a safe place for them. A place where creativity doesn't get hindered by criticism and the will to learn never stops shining in their eyes. 

Many hurdles came their way but the pack kept growing in members, strength and determination. 

It didn't take long before the community was renowned as Rabid Writers Syn, where a horde of magnificent writers resided and created their masterpieces. Gradually, as the pack increased in size, Mother decided to appoint ModHounds to look over the young ones as well as maintain harmony in the pack.


A team of skilled critics, known as DeskHounds within the community, were kept on guard for any feedback-requests that may come their way. Their regular workshops kept the young ones on their toes, learning as they worked on their manuscripts.


If you wish to enter the rusted gates which encase our community, it is recommended that you join our Discord for full experience as a Rabid Writer.